Fisher and wine town,Chipiona is a city of 18583 people ,is the connection between

Guadalquivir river and the atlantic sea,this widens between the light house and the Regla sanctuary church.

Chipiona is located between the cities Rota and Sanlucar de Barrameda at 54 km from Cadiz.

Their larges beaches, their thin and clean sands with the reachness of iodine from the seawaters, Chipiona become one of the most beautiful places of the light coast(COSTA DE LA LUZ).

Chipiona is the bornplace of muscatel wine and have a historic lighthouse in the searoutes of Andalucía.


It’s the highest of Spain, the third in Europe and the fith in the world ,with 72 mettres hight over the sea level and 69 mettres from the plain to the lintern structure with a total of 344 steps.

It was built in Punta del Perro, to show the enter of the river.


The Chipiona Castle is over a rock of an old ravine where the seawaves are beaten.

A square floor with 2 flat covered with bault of arist,with a square tower with the linen of wall that goes from LA CRUZ DEL MAR to LAS CANTERAS beach.

Qver many years it was the fortress and watchtower for the defense of their population creating the first core of population near the castle until become a hotel in 1890 to 1989.

Then was abandoned and in bad condition until December 26 th 2000 the Chipiona council adquired it to restore it and use it.

Nowdays  is te center of interpretation Cadiz and the New Wold.


The parrish OUR LADY O was built in 1579 at the most pure gothic style XVI century with apse and 3 ship separated by pirops.

Before it was an Arabian mosque and under it,because the known documents there are rest of an older  church that was before there.


Its origin was a fortress castle property of Ponce de Leon.Lord of Chipiona donated the castle to the Hermits of San Agustin in 1399 to transformed it in a church and then give worship to the Virgin.

In 1882, the State gave the Sanctuary to the Father Lerchundi,from the Franciscans Community let it him the establishment of a missionary school for Marruecos and Holy Land in the same building.

On May 17th 19004 they approved the demolition of the old temple and start the construction of the new one,thanks to the donation from the cities and towns of the region.


The seapens(corrales)of Chipiona are one of the most singular natural monuments of the provence of Cadiz.

The seapens(corrales)are close places that makes irregulars squares togheter between them by seaweed,shell and marine debris.When the water is catched in them the fish and the shellfish go inside and cant get out,that’s the moment the fisherman and the shellfisher catch them.